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Traditional Feng Shui


Feng Shui consultations are meant for private homes as well as businesses in search for more progress, health and wealth by enhancing areas of positive Qi and curing areas of negative Qi.

For our consultations we use Xuan Kong Fei Xing which is the authentic Chinese Time-Space Feng Shui method - also known as Flying Stars.

Based on the nature of the landscape, the building site, the flow of the Qi and water as well as the influences of the energies in the current time period, Feng Shui aims to achieve harmony between man and nature. Since the energies change each year (around February 4th), we recommend to have yearly updates.

A star can "fly" into your property around February 4th (depending on when the Chinese New Year starts) and may cause some problems during the year. In Europe you mostly find books about the Black Hat system - which divides the house into eight wedges and calls each sector either career, wealth, health, relationships, children, helping friends, family and knowledge. This method has nothing to do with Traditional Feng Shui as it does not take into consideration the prevailing energies at the time your property was built and the influences of these energies in the current time period.

Other techniques such as water methods and Xuan Kong Da Gua for date selection will be applied, if applicable.

We conduct Feng Shui consultations in English BritishFlag, German GermanFlag, Spanish SpanishFlag (and limited in Portuguese) throughout Germany and overseas.

Here is a brief overview on Feng Shui topics. You will find descriptions on what Feng Shui is aiming to achieve, the Cosmic Trinity, the  Qi Energy, the natural extremes Yin and Yang,  the Five Elements, the Three Cycles, the scope of an consultation for Home Feng Shui as well as Business Feng Shui.


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